When moving through your teework routine, it's common to need a variety of different types of practice balls to maximize the effectiveness of your baseball or softball drills.  

Tanner Tees offers a wide range of practice balls - from our durable cow-hide practice baseballs that keep their shape all year long and our small target baseballs, to our rubber training balls - we have the best training balls for your hitting routine. 

Browse our selection below! 

  • Tanner Softballs - Detail View 1


    Softballs - 1 Dozen

    12-inch practice softball with synthetic leather cover and poly core center. Durable, long-lasting and will maintain their shape day after day in the busiest softball hitting facility. COR .47 / 375 lbs. compression. 

  • Tanner Soft Rubber Training Softballs - Pack of 12


    Soft Rubber Training Softball

    One dozen (12) lightweight rubber softballs used for batting tee work, front toss and training young softball players how to catch. Composed of a durable rubber shell, they can be used in any environment. Airflow technology allows air to pass through the...

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