Screens & Nets

Practicing from anywhere just got a whole lot easier with Tanner's line of hitting and pitching nets & screens.

Net with a Baseball

Screens & Nets

  • 9 Hole Pitching Net - Pitcher's Pocket (Black)

    Pitcher's Pocket

    Ready to hone your throwing accuracy? The Pitcher's Pocket is a 9 hole pitching net great for baseball and softball.  It features 9 net pockets and an adjustable metal frame.  FLAT FEE SHIPPING $50.    

    $299.95 - $325.00
  • Tanner T-Weight



    Eight pound metal weight fits snugly on top of TANNER TEE the ORIGINAL and doubles as a weight to hold down the feet of portable practice nets.  Add the optional T-WEIGHT for at home hitting, then remove it when traveling to offsite locations.

  • Tanner Brand Ball Caddy


    Ball Caddy

    Holds baseballs and softballs at convenient height for coaches who flip a lot of bp. Pouch is removable and has a zipper for easy transport. Durable nylon netting and padded vinyl cover engineered to last throughout the seasons. Ultra portable,...


Hit at Home Every Day with a Baseball Practice Net

Hitters need quality batting tees and baseball nets for batting practice. For the home hitter, a baseball practice net is an essential training accessory to pair with your batting tee.

Practicing with a batting tee helps a hitter develop a better understanding of his baseball swing. Everyone on the team would ideally get live BP every day, but it's just not possible due to field locations, time constraints and arm accuracy. A baseball training net ensures the entire team has hitting drills to stay busy. They can be set up quickly and used in a variety of scenarios from hitting to throwing and even field barriers for safer team practice.

Nets and More

A baseball hitting net and ball caddy stocked with our premium batting practice baseballs can make for a productive hitting session. Coaches can integrate tee and soft toss stations into practice so hitters can get additional swing reps combined with BP.

These accessories go well with your Tanner Tee:

  • Tanner Net: Perfect as a baseball or softball training net, this flex-frame net sets up quickly and, at 49 square feet, is big enough to contain balls you don’t square up. Coming in its own baseball net holder, the Tanner Net is also extremely portable.

  • Ball Caddy: Your life will be easier with a portable tripod-style caddy — complete with its own carrying case. Stay organized and save your back with a portable ball caddy.

  • Valle Shield: This isn’t so much the next generation L screen as it is a reimagining of batting cage protection. Durable and customizable, the Valle Shield uses a second, hanging net to absorb what used to be dangerous ricochets. The ultimate in protective screens. 

Who Needs Nets?

The protection and convenience afforded by Tanner’s protective screens and nets — and associated products — appeals to a wide range of customers, including:

  • College programs
  • High school programs
  • Youth leagues
  • Park and recreation departments
  • Hitting academies
  • Batting cage facilities
  • Baseball and softball players
  • Patents and coaches

Tanner Has the Answer

We built our company, in part, on the knowledge of what hitters need to succeed — exemplified by our tee line’s patented FlexTop. We understand the nuances that make all of our products durable, adjustable, portable and usable for the novice and professional alike. That’s why you’ll find Tanner Tees gear at every level of the game — your path to better hitting starts with browsing our lineup of products today.

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